Stay Informed: 14 October Events to Maximize Engagement

October is almost here, and with it comes not just pumpkin spice lattes, but also the beginning of hockey season, more war-of-words with the Republican and Democratic Debates, and the World Series opener.

Below are 14 events to keep your audience engaged.

October 2

Austin City Limits Music Festival runs from Oct 2-4 and Oct 9-11.

October 5

LA Fashion Week struts its stuff through Oct 11.

October 6

Major League Baseball postseason begins with wildcard and division series playoffs.

October 7

The Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers face off in the NHL Season Opener. Also hitting the ice are the Montreal Canadiens against the Toronto Maple Leafs; the Vancouver Canucks against the Calgary Flames; and the San Jose Sharks against the Los Angeles Kings.

October 8

Two big events: the Presidents Cup golf tournament begins in Incheon City, Korea, running through Oct 11, and the ALMA (American Latino Media Arts) Awards airs on Telemundo at 8pm ET.

October 13

Music or politics? Audiences will have to choose between the BET Hip Hop Awards and the first Democratic Presidential Debate on CNN.

October 25

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Finals begin and run through Nov 1, while we’ll be on the lookout for crazy performances at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Milan, Italy.

October 27

The official start date of the MLB World Series — unless we see some overpowering performances in the playoffs, then we’ll get an early start on Oct 22. Filling out the big sports day, the NBA Regular Season tips off as the Atlanta Hawks take on the Detroit Pistons.

October 28

What will the Donald say this time? Find out in the third Republican Presidential Debate hosted by CNBC.

October 31

Who can forget the spookiest time of the year? It’s Halloween!

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