Premium Video Ad Dollars Without Slowing Down Your Page

Promo Player is here to help publishers take advantage of the unprecedented demand for premium video ad dollars, offering superior monetization for every page. Beyond ad revenue, Promo Player increases page views via promotion of publishers’ own content.


Promo Player is seamlessly inserted between paragraphs in a publisher story template, creating a premium viewable experience, autoplaying once in-view.

Recirculate your stories. You’ve done the tough job of capturing your reader’s attention, let us help you keep it! Promo Player allows you to guide your audiences’ journey, encouraging them to engage with live content on your site through dynamic playback of images linked to your stories.

Fast Loading. Promo Player is the lightest product yet from the Inform® development team. Adding this ultra lightweight unit to your article pages will not slow you down!

Mobile friendly. Promo Player is designed to create new ad revenue and increase page views in both desktop and mobile environments.

Easy implementation. This dynamic unit utilizes your existing RSS feeds. When your feed updates so do the stories recirculating in Promo Player!

Interested in Promo Player? Send us your information to get started today. Inform partners email for more information

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