Inform Wire Match: Finding the Perfect AP Video

When Associated Press editors publish stories, they often select the best AP photos and videos to accompany them. While many publishers automate the placement of photos in these stories, there hasn’t been a way to do the same with video — until now.

Inform Wire Match dynamically places AP videos recommended by Associated Press editors next to related stories, creating a rich multi-format experience for your online audience. It doesn’t matter how your site publishes AP text, whether you automatically create pages or copy and paste AP content into your templates — Inform Wire Match will match the right video and story.


Here’s how it works:

  • Built on Inform’s Perfect Pixel platform, Inform Wire Match uses a unique page-crawling service (just like a search engine) to find AP text on your website.
  • Using a natural language processing algorithm, the tool compares blocks of text and identifies the correct AP story.
  • Embedded videos are automatically inserted into preselected spots on your website in an embedded Inform player.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic placement of video recommendations from AP editors.
  • Perfect Pixel activation of each AP suggested video.
  • Inform and AP renewed partnership through 2017.

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