Inform is #1 in comScore Online News Ranking

Inform again has the largest online video audience in the United States, in the News & Information ranking, according to comScore.

In June 2016 data, comScore reported that Inform reached 31.1 million viewers in the United States, an increase of 27% versus last year. That’s compared to CNN’s 28.3 million, Yahoo-ABC’s 24 million and 23.8 million by NBC News.

May 2016 saw a similar ranking of competitors, with Inform on top at 29.4 million. Inform was followed behind by CNN with 25.6 million, 22 million for Yahoo-ABC and 21.6 million by NBC News.

“Inform’s model is compelling to any professional digital publisher who incorporates quality video into their stories, without major monthly subscription fees required by some of our competitors,” said Inform CEO Greg Peters.

Inform has formal partnerships with thousands of online properties to provide highly engaging news and information to traditional and new media audiences. Inform’s platform is free to video creators and to the major media websites that embed premium video in their own digital sites and apps. Content owners and publishers earn revenue from every video view generated through their partnership with Inform, or they can leverage video views as an advertising opportunity to be sold by their local digital sales teams.

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About Inform

Inform, Inc. is the nation’s largest online news and video service, powering video and monetization products across over 5,000 publisher websites. A collection of over 500 premium video partners publish 150,000 videos monthly to Inform, and generate billions of monetized video views every year. Among Inform’s partners are the Associated Press, Reuters, Tribune Media, Hearst, CBS Local, iHeart Radio, Meredith, Comcast, New York Daily News and Berkshire Hathaway Media Group.

Inform’s mission is to integrate world-class technology that fundamentally improves digital advertising effectiveness and publishing operations for every one of our partners. Our experience spans the publisher, advertiser, and technology sectors to deliver cutting-edge technology and products to our partners and their audiences.

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