Inform introduces the Digital Media Exchange with Page Intelligence analytics

ATLANTA, April 19, 2018 – Inform Inc. today announces the launch of Digital Media Exchange (DME), a major update of the technology and tools that power Inform’s digital video platforms and services provided to 4,000+ media publishers.  The release is provided as a free upgrade to all of Inform’s publishers, and will greatly improve the syndication, monetization and distribution of high-quality video to over 50 million unique viewers per month.

Inform publishers will see significant improvements to the platform, including:

  • Mobile video upload and management capabilities, allowing reporters at news events, press conferences and sports competitions to quickly publish video from their phones
  • High-quality video previews, now available in high-definition, so editors can find the right video to add to their local stories
  • Real-time video performance analytics and on-demand revenue reporting, enabling optimization of video revenue
  • Trending video dashboards showing the hottest videos across Inform’s thousands of publishers

DME is also home to Page Intelligence analytics, a new way for publishers to identify trending stories on their websites.  Page Intelligence shows editors exactly which of their stories are generating audience, with video placement and performance data to aid those editors in creating high-value video advertising opportunities.  Editors can now know that their actions directly generate revenue.

“There’s no better way for publishers to grow audience engagement and digital ad revenue than by adding high-quality video content that’s contextually relevant to the stories that are generating page views,” said Greg Peters, CEO, Inform. “DME is the first unified video publishing solution. It combines brand-safe video content, monetization, placement optimization and analytics to help publishers elegantly cover 100% of their pages with the best video for their readers. DME helps publishers leave no page behind.”

Existing publishers on Inform will receive access to the Digital Media Exchange today, with training and tours being offered by each publisher’s Inform business contact or by emailing

New publishers are welcome to inquire about opportunities to join Inform, and have access to the DME, Page Intelligence, and over 5,000 new videos daily from more than 500 brand-safe media companies, including CBS, USA Today, Reuters, Bloomberg, E! and Fox Sports.  All of this is available without cost to the publisher, who will enjoy incremental digital revenue through Inform’s monetization excellence.

Inform creates world class technology that increases digital advertising revenue, improves publishing operations and extends content reach for our partners. Premiere media companies in the United States have worked with Inform for over 10 years as a partner in digital revenue products, syndicated video content, real-time analytics insights, and patented editorial workflow tools. Inform is a top online U.S. Video platform reaching over 120 million unique users in the United States each month. The Digital Media Exchange(DME) is the core of our products, combining our video solutions, analytics, revenue reporting, and player customizations. Each day, thousands of videos are uploaded into the DME for licensed syndication from hundreds of premium national content partners and local television stations. Our 4,000 publishers rely on Inform’s DME and rich product suite for their video and advertising needs.

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