How Content Creators Win as NDN Becomes Inform

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.20.29 PMEarlier today, our CEO Greg Peters announced that NDN, the company you have come to rely on to extend the monetization of your premium video, is now Inform. So what does that mean for our valued Content Creators?

To start, you’ll continue to be a part of the largest digital network for local news to ever exist.  You’ll continue to have the opportunity to reach new audiences and monetize your content across our publisher network consisting of thousands of the web’s biggest publishers.  And you’ll continue to see high-quality advertisers aligned with your premium content.

But what the Inform launch also means is that our technology and services are expanding to drive even more revenue opportunities.  For instance, we recently introduced Inform Video Match, a WordPress VIP plugin that makes it easier for our partners that use WordPress to include your video in their stories.  It provides simple search and discovery of your content so it can be easily added to our partner websites.

We also recently introduced the Inform Floating Video Player that provides a superior showcasing of your quality content while readers scroll down a story that includes the Inform video player.  This feature is designed to increase our player’s viewability scores, a priority for our advertising partners to ensure their ads are seen by our valuable audience.  Better viewability means better revenue that is earned for your video content.

These new products are just the beginning of the new Inform. We are committed to supporting your digital publishing efforts in a way that makes it easier for you to drive as much value for your investment in unique digital content.

We’ll keep you informed of our newest updates through our direct consultation, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Have questions?  Please reach out to your content team contact, or me personally at

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