Getting Informed: A First-Timer’s Experience at ONA

As a first-time attendee of the annual conference of the Online News Association (ONA), I was excited and proud to represent Inform and spread the news of our newly enhanced platform to our existing publishers, and to the inquiring minds who visited our booth.

Some of my Inform colleagues at our booth.

Guests who stopped by the booth were impressed by our content providers, including our partnerships with local broadcast stations throughout the United States, as well as our suite of technology products.

Also in particular interest were our ability to scale to mobile, and how through a recent acquisition, Inform will be able to offer personalized content recommendations for audiences, thereby enhancing engagement and keeping readers on the page.

Some partners also expressed appreciation of our personal dedication and support. One stopped by to laud her Account Manager, her positive attitude, and 24/7 responsiveness, letting us know that she makes it a point to tell everyone how awesome her Account Manager is, and how much she loves working with Inform because of that.

After speaking with guests and existing partners at the conference, it became clear to me that our rich, expansive content offerings is unique to Inform, valued by our partners and coveted by those publishers who do not yet have access to our video library, our technology products, or our personal dedication.

My experience at ONA reminded me that publishers appreciate our ability to keep their audiences engaged and Informed, no matter where a breaking news story occurs, or where or how their content is consumed.

ONA was the perfect forum to launch Inform because the event itself encompasses what Inform is all about: shaping the future of digital media, whether it’s using data to let publishers know what content is truly resonating with audiences; optimizing the monetization of content; the increase in mobile; or the personalization of content.

Journalists, editors, developers and digital designers travel from all over the world to attend ONA each year to learn about the future of media consumption. Inform is part of that future.

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