Exciting news! NDN is now Inform

informLogoVerticalI’m thrilled to announce that NDN, the company you’ve come to rely on for premium video content and monetization technology for the digital media marketplace, is now Inform.

Along with our new name, we’re launching a new platform that offers enhanced content personalization and monetization capabilities for publishers and advertisers. The Inform platform, which integrates technology from our recent acquisition of Reverb Technologies as well as previous acquisitions of Mochila and Inform Technologies, is a continuation of our focus on delivering innovative technology and service offerings that solve the most pressing business and operational issues facing today’s digital publishers.

Mochila’s technology is the engine for the new Inform Video Match, allowing it to easily match content from our vast video library to related text included in articles. Technology from the Inform acquisition provides the ability to serve new kinds of content beyond video. Finally, Reverb’s solutions will serve as the foundation for delivering richer content personalization across all products, especially across mobile devices and platforms. (For even more on our suite of products, see this write-up from our Executive Vice President of Engineering, Kevin Pope.)

The success of online publishers is greatly dependent on audience engagement, growth, and monetization. Our expanded technology and content offerings are the first steps toward empowering publishers, to deliver a richer, more engaging audience experience.

I hope you’ll join me on this exciting new journey. Keep up with the latest Inform news by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. And be sure to visit the Inform booth at ONA.

What are you waiting for? Start informing your world.

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