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The State of Digital: HTML5 versus Flash

Adobe Flash has historically been the go-to technology for video streaming and monetization products. However, their lack of support in recent years has steered the industry away.

What’s the situation?

Flash is considered a security risk since Adobe is slow to release security patches. Apple has responded with a long-time ban of Flash from its iPhones and, more recently, with OS X Mavericks. Safari shipped by default with a power saving mode that restricted how Flash could function.

Other browsers have begun to follow suit. This past July, Mozilla blocked all versions of Flash that were not completely patched. The browser only allowed Flash again when Adobe responded with the patched versions.

In September, Chrome implemented changes similar to Safari’s, pausing flash products unless they’re central to content and reducing the number of resource or battery draining widgets.

What’s next?

As a result, the industry is moving towards a more native playback experience. HTML5 and Javascript are native to the browser, which allows for increased security and better system resource management. Video and monetization products have easily adopted HTML5/Javascript compatibility with the support of mobile devices.

While much of the buying arm of the advertising ecosystem has been slow to adopt HTML5/Javascript ad creatives, Inform is at the forefront of leading the charge for HTML5 conversion with advertisers and buyers. We offer a full suite of HTML5 native video streaming and monetization products, which are seamless and will automatically convert to native HTML5.

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NDN is now Inform: Our expanding technology

inform_techBy now you’ve heard the exciting news: NDN, your go-to digital content and monetization partner, is now Inform.

But we’re not just launching a new name. We’re launching a new platform that offers enhanced content personalization and monetization capabilities for publishers and advertisers. Integrating technology from our acquisitions of Reverb Technologies, Mochila, and Inform Technologies, the Inform platform is a continuation of our focus on delivering innovative technology and service offerings that address the most pressing business and operational issues facing today’s digital publishers.

At the heart of Inform’s technology strategy is a predictive and personalized Digital Media Platform which makes digital publishing profitable for publishers and advertisers with 27 million unique viewers and 230 million videos viewed each month. Inform analyzes over 600 million content consumption data points each month across 4,000+ partners, including thousands of the web’s biggest publishers.

Powered by big data, predictive personalization, and editorial insights, our Digital Media Platform encompasses a suite of technology products that help our publishing network more easily serve and monetize content. These products include:

  • Inform Insights – Enables publishers, content producers and advertisers to understand the personal interests of their audiences. These predictive algorithms increase engagement through the identification of content and advertising a visitor is most likely to consume.
  • Inform Wire Match – Dynamically matches AP video recommended by Associated Press editors with related articles on publisher websites, creating a rich multi-format experience for online audiences.
  • Inform Video Match – A VIP WordPress plugin that allows you to seamlessly search and embed relevant videos from our vast library of premium, brand-safe content – during the article creation process. This product significantly streamlines your workflow.
  • Inform Floating Video Player – Inform’s Floating Video player is designed to increase audience engagement by ensuring market leading viewability of video content on any publisher website, by following the user throughout the page. The technology enables media organizations to deliver a better audience experience while meeting the specifications of the advertising industry.

These latest technology offerings were born from our acquisitions of Mochila, Reverb Technologies, and Inform. The Mochila technology is the engine for the new Inform Video Match, allowing it to easily match content from Inform’s vast video library to related text included in articles. Technology from the Inform acquisition enables the ability to serve new kinds of content beyond video. Finally, Reverb’s solutions will serve as the foundation for delivering richer content personalization for both products, especially across mobile devices and platforms.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about what Inform is doing and will do. You can stay up-to-date with the latest on Inform products by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, and subscribing to our blog.