The Reverb app is now Inform!

appHero_250Earlier this summer, Reverb, the company behind your favorite app for news the way you want it and on the go, was acquired by NDN. Now we have even more exciting news: NDN is now Inform, which means the Reverb app is Inform too!

What else is new? The Inform app’s latest build has been optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, as well as for iOS 8 on the iPad, iPad Mini, and earlier iPhones. You should also experience faster load times for articles so you can get informed even quicker.

The features you know and love will remain unchanged. The Inform app will continue to give you not just the top news of the day, but stories based on your interests through your personalized My News wall and the stories your friends are sharing through Social News. With Inform collections, you’ll still be able to make your own collections of articles and interests in the iPad, and send articles from any device to Pocket for offline reading later.

Haven’t upgraded to iOS 8 yet? No worries: the Inform app still works for iOS 7. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Download the Inform app and start informing your world today. To learn more about Inform, visit our site.

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  1. I would love to use your site as a replacement for Zite but the bright blue color background blinds me & hurts my eyes even for several minutes afterwards. Is there a way for me to adjust so I can use your site or could you change the color? I’ve found that even the blue headings on Yahoo are unreadable & irritating to my older eyes.

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